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We're at the end of the universe.

And contrary to all expectations, it's extremely narrow.

Given The Chance I Will Create Chaos~
13 July 1984

about me

Name: Call Me Whatever (I've Heard It All)
Age: 27
Location: The Scary Place I Call My Mind
Occupation: Mother Of Pretty Baby and Rinja's Owner/Husband

(Waysm is so totally made of awesome, because doomcake says so. :D /totally haxxing.)
what i write


*cough* I mean...Porn?

Uh not important or serious fiction? Well, not too much at least. I've finally started branching out into original stuffs. I'm slowly putting together a collection of short stories and looking into publication how-to. Hopefully something will come of it, so keep your eyes peeled guys!

(Oh and I was serious about the incest thing...don't like...don't read. plzkthx)

current projects

Get Your Words Out - Pledge 150,000 words

what i like


Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (THE HIBARI, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE HIBARI *points to pretty graphics*), RINJA ((aka doomcake) cause she's my bitch AWESOMESAUCE!)), my adoring public...*crickets* Anyone Out There? *crickets*...and ummm...a bunch of different mangas? LOL.

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